Why Schedule an AC Tune-Up?

With spring around the corner, homeowners everywhere are packing away their heavy coats and winter gear in anticipation of the sunny days ahead. As you find yourself in the midst of a spring cleaning frenzy, be sure to remember an important part of a happy spring and summer season: your air conditioner! Before you know it, you will rely on your unit every day for a cool and comfortable home. By scheduling a professional inspection with Hill & Company, your air conditioning system will operate effectively and safely all summer long.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of scheduling an air conditioner tune-up or maintenance visit. If you’d like to schedule a tune-up in Oklahoma, contact us today!

What Is a Tune-Up?

When your unit is left untouched during the winter season, a build-up of dirt, grease, and dust will layer on the working parts, making your air conditioner inefficient and unsafe to use. Between that and the rodents, mice, and insects that can find their way into the unit, your air conditioner may experience some serious damage during the off-season.

Fortunately, these problems are avoidable with a tune-up! Not unlike getting a check-up on your car, a professional AC tune-up is vital to the productivity and cleanliness of your AC unit. A typical inspection includes:

  • Performing a comprehensive system check to ensure your unit runs at peak efficiency.
  • Ensuring the filters and different sections are clean.
  • Inspecting and lubricating all moving parts.
  • Testing your cooling to make sure your unit runs safely while improving comfort and control.

By calling a professional to complete these essential steps, your air conditioner will be running smoothly all summer long, and likely not need surprise repair or maintenance.

Why AC Tune-Ups Are Important

First and foremost, a tune-up ensures that your unit will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Whether it be a dirty system or a poorly lubricated motor, a neglected air conditioner could overheat, leaving you with a system breakdown and a costly repair bill. Additionally, if your unit has a low coolant level, your home will not receive the cooling and dehumidification that you rely on from your unit. By simply scheduling a professional tune-up, you will not only take preventative measures against these potential issues, but you will also keep problems from occurring, which saves you money!

Schedule a Tune-Up with Hill & Company in Oklahoma City

The benefits of a professional tune-up are well worth it, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Better system performance
  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Removal of dust, dirt, and grease from the unit
  • Preventing costly system breakdowns
  • Extending equipment lifespan

As your local, family-owned AC company, we offer quality professional tune-ups to ensure that your system is ready for anything. If you are interested in protecting and preserving your AC system all summer, contact the team at Hill & Company today. We offer our services in the Oklahoma City Metro, Edmond and Norman area. We will help make your home a place of comfort, even during the hottest days of the summer.