Changing Your Furnace Air Filter

Your furnace filter is very important when it comes to your furnace’s efficiency and keeping your home comfortable through the winter months. Many times homeowners forget to change out their filters. This is due to the fact that we don’t see the filter so it is not at the front of our minds; however regularly switching out your furnace air filter is important.


How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Air Filter

How often you change your filter will depend on what happens on a daily basis in your home. It is important to change the filter in the fall, this will make sure your furnace is ready to go when the cold winter hits. Ideally you should change your filter every two months. If you have pets, you may want to switch out the filter every month, this is due to the buildup of pet hair and dander. If you have people in your home that suffer from allergies or have respiratory illnesses it is also a good idea to change out your filter more often.

How to Change Your Furnace Air Filter

Changing your filter is not a difficult process and the benefits are well worth the trouble, however inserting your filter the right way can make all the difference. To change your furnace filter, take the following steps:

  1. Remove your furnace front panel or air return, this is where most filters are placed.
  2. Look at your new furnace filter and find the little arrow, this is usually found on the surrounding cardboard area.
  3. It is important that you insert your air furnace with the arrow facing towards your furnace. Facing the arrow the wrong way can hinder your furnaces air flow.
  4. Once you have the arrow facing towards your furnace, slide the filter in place.

Now you can slide your panel back in and you have finished replacing your furnace air filter.

How to Clean a Reusable Filter

Some homeowners choose to use a reusable filter, it is just as important if not more so that these filters are regularly cleaned.

  • If you have a reusable filter it will have a plastic casing surrounding it, take the filter out of your furnace.
  • Use a vacuum to remove dust and debris from the filter. You will also want to vacuum out the area where the filter regularly sits.
  • Wash the filter outside using a hose to remove all dirt, dust and debris build up on your filter.

Once your filter is clean be sure to leave it to dry before placing it back inside your furnace.

Contact Hill & Company for Furnace Troubles in OK

Changing your filter out or cleaning your reusable filter is an important step in keeping your home’s air clean and keeping your furnace running efficiently. If you would like help with your furnace filter or you are looking for repairs or installation service, contact the team at Hill & Company. We offer a full range of HVAC services within the Oklahoma City area.