Finding the Best HVAC Contractor in Edmond, OK

If you are looking for a heating and cooling expert, chances are you may struggle to find the best in your area. There are many different routes you can take when finding a heating and cooling contractor, but what is the best way to find a reliable contractor? Read our blog below for tips on how to find the best contractor in your area!

Tips to Research Top Heating and Cooling Contractors

Researching a heating and cooling contractor may be overwhelming. Especially in the Oklahoma City area, there are many contractors to choose from. Next time you are doing your research, keep these simple tips in mind to find the best contractor in your area.

  1. Read testimonials – Learning about a company through their current or previous customers can be one of the best ways to assure you are receiving top service in your area. Check on their website for testimonials, as well as outside sources to see what homeowners around the area think of their service.
  2. Ask family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors – Many of the people you speak with every day have had an HVAC contractor enter their home at some point. Whether it was to install a new furnace or to repair an AC unit, the people you know and trust have probably had HVAC services. Ask around your neighborhood to learn about their previous experiences. Were they comfortable with having the technicians in the home? Did they provide reliable and high quality service? Asking questions such as these can help you have a better understanding of the contractors that are in your neighborhood.
  3. Are there promotions? – Promotions are a great way for homeowners in Edmond and the surrounding areas to compare and contrast costs between different companies in the area.
  4. Check Google Plus page – If a company keeps up with its business, information will be up to date on their Google profile and the business will be verified.
  5. Research the service you need – Doing a little pre-research before you contact a contractor will help you and the contractor have a better understanding of the task at hand. For example, if you are looking to install a heat pump, make sure you contact a company that is certified to install heat pumps in your area.
  6. Research the brands – Sometimes, an HVAC contractor will only service certain brands of air conditioners and furnaces. Some companies, such as Hill & Company, can service and repair any brand of heating and cooling unit; however, we specialize in installing Trane® furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners.

Grab the Phone and Call!

After you make a list of two or three potential contractors in your area, give them a call! Always ask for a quote to help avoid unexpected fees and expenses so you can plan accordingly regarding your financial commitment.

Leading HVAC Contractor in Edmond, OK

If you live in Edmond, Oklahoma or the surrounding areas and are looking for an HVAC contractor you can trust, contact Hill & Company. Since 1982, we have been a leading heating and cooling contractor in Oklahoma City. Contact us today for top HVAC services in your home!