How to Fix a Smelly Sink

If you have stinky sinks in your home, it is likely that you want to get this problem fixed. Stinky sinks can be downright annoying. If your sinks have odd smells coming from them it could be due to several reasons. Resist pouring harmful chemicals down your sink as this may do more harm than good. Let’s look at what these reasons are and how you can remedy the stinky sink situation.

How to Remedy a Stinky Sink

  • The P-Trap: All sinks should have a property installed P-Trap. These are found under the sink. Their job is to hold water and work as a seal against those gross sewer gases making it into your home.  If your P-Trap is not installed correctly or there is something wrong with it, those gases will enter your home. If you are not familiar with P-Traps or you are not sure that yours is installed properly, call a plumbing expert.
  • Overflow Drain: If your overflow drain is not working as it should, water may get stuck at the bottom where it is supposed to drain into the main drainage system. If this water gets stuck there and becomes stagnant it can cause a somewhat stale smell. If this is the issue, foaming a snake pipe is the best way to clear it and release the stagnant water. If the problem continues to persist you may need an overflow drain that is designed better so that the water doesn’t get trapped.
  • The Faucet – If your water is smelly when it comes out of the tap, before it even hits the sink, it could be inside the faucet. Take off your faucets aerator cap and check for gunk build-up. You will want to clean this out, check the barrel of the faucet too and give it a clean also.
  • The Drain: If the smell is not coming from your water you may have a buildup of gunk inside your drain. This can not only lead to bad smells but can also lead to an overflowing drain. You will need a snake to make sure you get all of the gunk out of the drain. Once your drain is clear you can pour some bleach down to eliminate any leftover smells or nasty stuff.

If the thought of dismantling your sink scares you to death, it might be a good idea to contact a professional. A team of plumbing professionals will have the knowledge and tools to quickly diagnose your stinky sink problem.

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