Mold & Mildew Free Basements

Damp dark basements can be a breeding ground for mold. This can be especially true if your basement is unfinished. Mold spores float through the air causing problems like runny noses, wheezing, stuffy noses, headaches, nausea and even hives. These spores can also land elsewhere in your basement growing new collections of mold as they go.

The most important step to eliminating this mold is to work out where the problem might be coming from. Here are some common reasons you may have mold in your basement.

Causes of Mold in Your Home

  • Leaky plumbing: If you have plumbing that is leaking either in your basement or on the next level, this excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to form and spread quickly. If you suspect that your mold problem might be from leaky plumbing have an expert plumber check your fixtures and pipes.
  • Organic matter: If your basement is unfinished and you use it for storage, this storage mixed with moisture in the air could be causing mold. If this is the case you will need to pull everything out of your basement. If you find mold on materials, you can try and eradicate the mold or you may be better throwing them away. Make sure everything is cleaned and in plastic tubs or protected before placing it back in the basement.
  • Too much humidity: If you live in a humid climate area such as Oklahoma, you could see more mold in your basement. Too much humidity in any space will cause mold to grow and spread. If this is the case, installing a whole house humidifier can help keep humidity levels in check, protecting your belongings and most importantly your family’s health.
  • Clogged or misplaced gutters and downpipes: If you find that water tends to pool in your basement after heavy rains, you will need to have your gutters and downpipes checked. If they are clogged, have them cleared and if they run towards the house, purchase extensions so that you can direct the water away from your basement.

Controlling Mold in Your Home

If you want to control mold and mildew in any space of your home there are two things you can do to help manage the moisture levels in your home and ensure that the air you are breathing is clean.

  • Install a humidifier: Whole house humidifiers can help you manage the humidity levels in your home, keeping humidity at a safe level that will help deter mold and make the air you are breathing feel better on your lungs.
  • Use an air cleaning system: Air cleaning systems work to clear mold, bacteria, dust, dander and other irritants from the air in your home. They circulate the air, cleaning it as it goes through a filtration system then pumping that clean air into your home.

If you are looking for ways to make the air in your Oklahoma home healthier, contact the team at Hill & Company today. We can help you with all of your home comfort needs. We serve both the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas.