Help! My Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water!

If you are looking around your air conditioner to see water leaking—or lightly pouring—outside of your unit, you may get slightly concerned. Seeing all this liquid coming out of your unit might send you into a panic. The good news is there are things you can check and maybe even fix yourself so your AC unit is safe and working properly.

Where Is the Water Coming From?

You may be wondering how water even occurred inside your AC unit. This water is condensation that occurs when your air conditioner pulls the humidity from the air. Usually you do not see this condensation as it should be exiting outside your home or into your homes plumbing. When you do see water leaking from your system it is a good idea to check it out.

What to Do When Water is Leaking from Your Air Conditioner

The first thing you should do if you see water coming from your unit or pooling around your unit is to turn your AC unit off. This water could cause problems with the electronic parts inside your air conditioner.

You may be seeing water for many reasons, let’s look at these reasons and what you can do about it.

  • Condensate Drain Line Issues. If your condensate drain line is clogged this can cause water to back up and start pouring back around your unit. This can happen due to dirt, bugs, mold and debris. You can use a wet-dry vacuum to help disperse the clog or you can call an expert to have your drain line unclogged. It is a good idea not to stick sharp objects into the drain line to try and get rid of the clog, you may end up doing more damage.
  • Drain Pan Issues. If the drain pan is clogged or it has rusted out, this can cause water to flow over and onto the ground. If the drain pan is rusted it will need to be replaced. If the drain pan is clogged, you may be able to clean out the drain pan yourself by removing any build up.
  • Evaporator Coil. A dirty evaporator coil can also cause leaks. This can happen when dirt mixes with water and makes its way onto your coil. If you have a dirty coil you will need a professional to help clean the coil. Yearly maintenance can also help prevent this issue.
  • Installation Issues. If you have just had a new air conditioning unit installed and it is leaking it may be due to faulty installation. If the condensate trap was not designed or installed correctly there will be drainage problems. This will cause water build up and overflowing water. If this is the case you will need a professional to fix and possibly redesign the condensate trap.

If you start looking at your air conditioner and you can’t see why your system is leaking, switch your system off and call an expert for a repair.

If you are in need of a HVAC expert in the Edmond, OK area, the team at Hill & Company can help. Our customer focused HVAC company works throughout the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas, helping homeowners and commercial building owners install, repair and maintain their heating and cooling systems. Give us a call to schedule service today!

Why Schedule an AC Tune-Up?

With spring around the corner, homeowners everywhere are packing away their heavy coats and winter gear in anticipation of the sunny days ahead. As you find yourself in the midst of a spring cleaning frenzy, be sure to remember an important part of a happy spring and summer season: your air conditioner! Before you know it, you will rely on your unit every day for a cool and comfortable home. By scheduling a professional inspection with Hill & Company, your air conditioning system will operate effectively and safely all summer long.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of scheduling an air conditioner tune-up or maintenance visit. If you’d like to schedule a tune-up in Oklahoma, contact us today!

What Is a Tune-Up?

When your unit is left untouched during the winter season, a build-up of dirt, grease, and dust will layer on the working parts, making your air conditioner inefficient and unsafe to use. Between that and the rodents, mice, and insects that can find their way into the unit, your air conditioner may experience some serious damage during the off-season.

Fortunately, these problems are avoidable with a tune-up! Not unlike getting a check-up on your car, a professional AC tune-up is vital to the productivity and cleanliness of your AC unit. A typical inspection includes:

  • Performing a comprehensive system check to ensure your unit runs at peak efficiency.
  • Ensuring the filters and different sections are clean.
  • Inspecting and lubricating all moving parts.
  • Testing your cooling to make sure your unit runs safely while improving comfort and control.

By calling a professional to complete these essential steps, your air conditioner will be running smoothly all summer long, and likely not need surprise repair or maintenance.

Why AC Tune-Ups Are Important

First and foremost, a tune-up ensures that your unit will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Whether it be a dirty system or a poorly lubricated motor, a neglected air conditioner could overheat, leaving you with a system breakdown and a costly repair bill. Additionally, if your unit has a low coolant level, your home will not receive the cooling and dehumidification that you rely on from your unit. By simply scheduling a professional tune-up, you will not only take preventative measures against these potential issues, but you will also keep problems from occurring, which saves you money!

Schedule a Tune-Up with Hill & Company in Oklahoma City

The benefits of a professional tune-up are well worth it, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Better system performance
  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Removal of dust, dirt, and grease from the unit
  • Preventing costly system breakdowns
  • Extending equipment lifespan

As your local, family-owned AC company, we offer quality professional tune-ups to ensure that your system is ready for anything. If you are interested in protecting and preserving your AC system all summer, contact the team at Hill & Company today. We offer our services in the Oklahoma City Metro, Edmond and Norman area. We will help make your home a place of comfort, even during the hottest days of the summer.

When to Install a New Air Conditioner

If you felt that your home could not cool down last summer or you spent a lot of time on the phone to the cooling repair technician, you may be thinking about having a new air conditioner installed this year.

Maybe you are thinking about leaving this job until summer, but is that really the best time to have a new air conditioner installed? Read below to find out.

Reasons to Install a New Air Conditioner

Many times your air conditioner will fail and that would be a great time to replace it, however you don’t have to leave it to a guessing game to know when you will need to replace your system. Your air conditioner may have already presented signs that let you know it is coming to the end of its life. Here are some of those signs to look out for:

  • Your air conditioning system can no longer keep your home comfortable
  • Your AC unit often needs to be repaired
  • The air in your home feels stale
  • Your electricity bills rise suddenly
  • Your current system is between 10 to 15 years old
  • You are looking for a more effective way to control the temperature in all areas of your home

Any of these signs can let you know that your air conditioning system is having trouble cooling off your home—meaning it may be time to install a new system.

The Best Time to Install a New Air Conditioner

The best time to install a new system is before the heat of summer arrives. It is no fun having to suffer through a hot day without any AC while your new system is installed. Late winter into spring can be the perfect time to replace your unit. The technicians at Hill & Company get booked fast—so book early to avoid suffering through the heat!

Install a New Air Conditioner with Hill & Company

The team at Hill & Company work throughout Oklahoma City to provide homeowners and business owners with the best heating and cooling installation and repair services. Our company can install a new Trane® air conditioning system in your home, we install Trane systems as we believe they manufacture the best heating and cooling systems and provide our customers with a range of energy efficient options.

Our team will work hard to get your new system installed without too much disruption to you and your home. All of our work comes with a 2-year standard warranty on labor and you will receive the manufacturer’s warranty on your new system.

If you are looking to have an air conditioning unit installed before the summer heat arrives, contact the team at Hill & Company today.

Finding the Best HVAC Contractor in Edmond, OK

If you are looking for a heating and cooling expert, chances are you may struggle to find the best in your area. There are many different routes you can take when finding a heating and cooling contractor, but what is the best way to find a reliable contractor? Read our blog below for tips on how to find the best contractor in your area!

Tips to Research Top Heating and Cooling Contractors

Researching a heating and cooling contractor may be overwhelming. Especially in the Oklahoma City area, there are many contractors to choose from. Next time you are doing your research, keep these simple tips in mind to find the best contractor in your area.

  1. Read testimonials – Learning about a company through their current or previous customers can be one of the best ways to assure you are receiving top service in your area. Check on their website for testimonials, as well as outside sources to see what homeowners around the area think of their service.
  2. Ask family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors – Many of the people you speak with every day have had an HVAC contractor enter their home at some point. Whether it was to install a new furnace or to repair an AC unit, the people you know and trust have probably had HVAC services. Ask around your neighborhood to learn about their previous experiences. Were they comfortable with having the technicians in the home? Did they provide reliable and high quality service? Asking questions such as these can help you have a better understanding of the contractors that are in your neighborhood.
  3. Are there promotions? – Promotions are a great way for homeowners in Edmond and the surrounding areas to compare and contrast costs between different companies in the area.
  4. Check Google Plus page – If a company keeps up with its business, information will be up to date on their Google profile and the business will be verified.
  5. Research the service you need – Doing a little pre-research before you contact a contractor will help you and the contractor have a better understanding of the task at hand. For example, if you are looking to install a heat pump, make sure you contact a company that is certified to install heat pumps in your area.
  6. Research the brands – Sometimes, an HVAC contractor will only service certain brands of air conditioners and furnaces. Some companies, such as Hill & Company, can service and repair any brand of heating and cooling unit; however, we specialize in installing Trane® furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners.

Grab the Phone and Call!

After you make a list of two or three potential contractors in your area, give them a call! Always ask for a quote to help avoid unexpected fees and expenses so you can plan accordingly regarding your financial commitment.

Leading HVAC Contractor in Edmond, OK

If you live in Edmond, Oklahoma or the surrounding areas and are looking for an HVAC contractor you can trust, contact Hill & Company. Since 1982, we have been a leading heating and cooling contractor in Oklahoma City. Contact us today for top HVAC services in your home!

What to Look for in an Air Conditioning Company

Summers get long and hot in Oklahoma, and there are a lot of Moore, OK air conditioning companies to choose from. But that doesn’t mean all those companies are created equal. Some (like us at Hill & Company) will get you cooled off in no time, while others will be more hassle than they’re worth. Here’s what to look for to make sure you get an air conditioning company that will treat you right:

1.  Experience – Just like any other hands-on profession, air conditioning repair and installation is a skill that is mastered through practice. By definition, that means that the less experienced air conditioning repair people will be less knowledgeable and capable. More experienced AC repair people can often do a job faster, see to the heart of a problem with an air conditioner unit, and will always have the right tools and the right parts for the job. That all translates to less stress and wasted time for you. Why would you hire an AC company with 5 or 10 years’ experience when you could hire one with 30, 40 or even 50 years’?

air conditioning repair man

2.  Up-front pricing – This is a major problem in the AC industry. Frequently, repairmen will give you a quote that sounds good, only to later reveal that it doesn’t include crucial costs like parts or hidden fees. A good AC company will tell you up front what the total final cost will be. They will break it down for you so you know what you’re paying for.

3.  On-time to appointments – Nothing is more annoying than waiting around for a repair or installation man to show up. Your AC company should be able to give you an exact time for an appointment, and then be punctual—and they should be able to schedule you soon!

4.  Reputation for service – This can be hard to gauge sometimes, but look at reviews or ask friends what they thought. For a big job, ask the air conditioning company to provide references from past clients. Service matters because it will determine how positive all your interactions with the company are, from the first phone call to the last invoice.

5.  Best equipment possible – Ideally, you want an air conditioning company that uses reliable, trusted brand-name AC units and parts.

6.  Satisfaction guarantee – At the end of the day, the company should not be happy unless you are. They should provide warranties for all units and guarantee that they’re not done until everything works perfectly.

What else do you look for in an air conditioning company? If you’re in the Moore, Oklahoma area, call or contact us at Hill & Company for an assessment or service!

It’s Never Too Early to Get Your AC Ready

Get Your AC’s Ready Oklahoma City!

woman using air conditioner controls

Don’t realize your AC isn’t working until it’s too late — give us a call.


Right now it’s still chilly, but it’s starting to warm up a bit in Oklahoma City and suddenly the summer doesn’t seem so far away. The warm weather will be upon us before you know it, and not everyone’s air conditioner will be ready to handle it. Many systems will waste energy and money without the owners knowing it, while others will be overtaxed and fail on the hottest days. That’s why the time to call for air conditioner repair in Oklahoma City is before the temperatures really start to rise.

That’s especially true this year, as this summer is probably going to be a scorcher. The long range forecast claims that summer 2015 is going to be both hotter and drier than usual, all the way from June through August. That’s a lot of dog days in OKC, and no one should suffer through it without adequate air conditioning. That’s why homeowners should consider a full inspection and tune-up of their AC, as should businesses with central air.

What can a tune-up do for you? In short: save you money and keep you cool. Here are a few of the benefits of a little professional maintenance for your AC from us here at Hill & Company:

1.  Identify leaks – Many homeowners don’t realize their air ducts are leaking cold air into the attic, crawlspace, basement, or between the walls. That means you are paying to cool air that will never make it into your home and letting all that money just drift away. A good AC repairman can check for leaks in your ducts and mend them easily.

2.  A full cleaning boosts efficiency – You may think that changing your filter keeps your AC running at peak condition, but the truth is that it probably doesn’t. A tune-up will adjust your air conditioner for maximum efficiency and clean out any dirty parts so that it runs like new.

3.  Worn down parts can be replaced before they fail – A good tune-up will spot any components that are on their last legs, allowing you to replace them in advance. You don’t want to have to call for emergency repair when it’s 100 degrees outside!

It’s easy to forget about your AC till you need it, but the best time to have it checked over is before it’s turned on. When was the last time you had your air conditioning checked? How sure are you that it’s running as efficiently as it should?

If you think your system might need repair, call or contact us at Hill & Company!