Save with September Maintenance

For those customers looking to save some money and probably more importantly time, September is the best month of the year to have your furnace and AC maintenance performed.

I know what you’re thinking, “Summer is over, why would I want to have my AC maintenance done?”. For most homeowners it’s the consistency that matters the most, not the time of year. If you routinely service your units every year you are doing more than the majority of homeowners and your system is going to thank you for it. Waiting to have your AC maintenance performed in the Spring is going to have a negligible impact on your system, in most cases, compared to performing the AC maintenance in September.

There is definitely one exception that should be mentioned. If you have a cottonwood tree nearby we always recommend waiting until they have shed their cotton in the summer before having your AC maintenance performed. Cottonwood is the worst culprit for clogging up air conditioners.

Otherwise, take advantage of our September promotion to save time and money: Receive a free AC tune-up when your purchase a $99 furnce tune up and have them performed at the same time in September.


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Switching a Heat Pump From Warm to Cool

If you have a heat pump in your home you have a great advantage. This one system can provide both heating and cooling for your home. As the summer months arrive and the weather warms up, you will want to switch your heat pump from warm to cool, but how do you do this? And how does a heat pump cool homes in Oklahoma?

Continue to read below and for any additional questions, call Hill & Company.

How Does a Heat Pump Cool Your Home

Much like an AC unit, heat pumps use refrigerant to absorb heat. Your heat pump will pull the heat from inside your home, run it through its system and move this hot air outside or transfer it into the ground.  This will leave your home feeling comfortable without having to dry out the air or run an AC unit constantly.


How to Switch Your Heat Pump from Winter Mode to Summer Modetrane heat pump

It is important to know that your heat pump won’t automatically switch over when the weather starts to warm up. You will need to manually switch your unit over from heating mode to cooling mode. Here’s how to switch your heat pump from warm to cool:

Switch Over Your Thermostat. The first thing you will need to do is switch your thermostat from heating mode to cooling mode. This is one of your most important steps as you won’t get cool air without this.

Set the Temperature. Adjust your home’s thermostats at the highest temperature where you can still remain comfortable. A temperature between 76 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit can help reduce your energy costs.

Set your Heat Pump Fan. Your heat pump fan should be set to auto at all times. This will help keep the air in your home comfortable. ON means your fan will run constantly—which could increase your energy bills!

Change Your Filter. Now is a great time to change out your dirty filters. Dirty filters will block air flow and could trigger allergies and upper respiratory issues.

Have Your Unit Tuned-Up. You only have one unit but it is still a good idea to maintain your heat pump twice a year. The perfect times to do this are spring and fall. A well-tuned system will run smoothly helping keep your home comfortable all year long.

What Happens if Your Heat Pump Won’t Switch Over

There are a few issues that may prevent your unit from switching over, even if you have followed the above steps. Let’s look at these reasons.

Broken Reversing Valve. Just as it sound the reversing valve helps switch over the way the refrigerant flows. If this valve is broken or is malfunctioning your heat pump will be stuck and the valve may need to be replaced.

Low or No Refrigerant. If your heat pump has a refrigerant leak, the refrigerant may have slowly leaked out. Without refrigerant, your heat pump can’t cool the air effectively. You will need to have a professional HVAC team test for a leak and refill your refrigerant.

Bad Thermostat. If your thermostat is not working correctly it may tell you it is in cooling mode but it may not be able to send that message to your heat pump. If this is the case it may be time to upgrade your current thermostat.

Need to schedule a repair for your heat pump? No problem! Call the experts at Hill & Company for heat pump services throughout Edmond, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and beyond!

Heat Pump Professionals in Edmond, OK

If you are having trouble switching your heat pump over to cooling contact the team of HVAC experts at Hill & Company. Our team of trained and certified technicians work throughout the Edmond, OK area. We can help you with all of your heating and cooling installation, repairs and maintenance needs in Edmond, OK.

Looking for heat pump service outside of Edmond? Hill & Company provides services throughout Oklahoma City ! Just give us a call to schedule service.

How to Fix a Smelly Sink

If you have stinky sinks in your home, it is likely that you want to get this problem fixed. Stinky sinks can be downright annoying. If your sinks have odd smells coming from them it could be due to several reasons. Resist pouring harmful chemicals down your sink as this may do more harm than good. Let’s look at what these reasons are and how you can remedy the stinky sink situation.

How to Remedy a Stinky Sink

  • The P-Trap: All sinks should have a property installed P-Trap. These are found under the sink. Their job is to hold water and work as a seal against those gross sewer gases making it into your home.  If your P-Trap is not installed correctly or there is something wrong with it, those gases will enter your home. If you are not familiar with P-Traps or you are not sure that yours is installed properly, call a plumbing expert.
  • Overflow Drain: If your overflow drain is not working as it should, water may get stuck at the bottom where it is supposed to drain into the main drainage system. If this water gets stuck there and becomes stagnant it can cause a somewhat stale smell. If this is the issue, foaming a snake pipe is the best way to clear it and release the stagnant water. If the problem continues to persist you may need an overflow drain that is designed better so that the water doesn’t get trapped.
  • The Faucet – If your water is smelly when it comes out of the tap, before it even hits the sink, it could be inside the faucet. Take off your faucets aerator cap and check for gunk build-up. You will want to clean this out, check the barrel of the faucet too and give it a clean also.
  • The Drain: If the smell is not coming from your water you may have a buildup of gunk inside your drain. This can not only lead to bad smells but can also lead to an overflowing drain. You will need a snake to make sure you get all of the gunk out of the drain. Once your drain is clear you can pour some bleach down to eliminate any leftover smells or nasty stuff.

If the thought of dismantling your sink scares you to death, it might be a good idea to contact a professional. A team of plumbing professionals will have the knowledge and tools to quickly diagnose your stinky sink problem.

Hill & Company works with homeowners in the Oklahoma City Metro, Edmond and Norman to provide high quality and affordable plumbing services. Contact our team today and let us help you get your stinky sink fixed and smelling great.

Why Schedule Service with a Locally-Owned HVAC Company?


When it comes to making your house a home, chances are you want to use the best services out there. Your home is where your family unwinds after a long day. It’s where you host your closest friends. It’s even where you experience some of your happiest memories. How can you make sure that you are hiring the right companies to take care of your space and all of its working parts? That’s where locally-owned HVAC companies come in. You want to be able to trust the people working on your home, so we’ve compiled a list of reasons to hire a local HVAC company, like Hill & Company, over other competitors.

Reason One: We Are Your Neighbors

When you need one egg for a recipe, it’s nice to be able to stop by your neighbor’s house and borrow one rather than visit the grocery store. Not unlike the kind people who live next door to you, local HVAC companies value good relationships and trust—especially with the people in their own neighborhood. The people who work at local HVAC companies will likely treat every customer like a neighbor because they are a neighbor. Because these companies thrive on satisfied customers and referrals, your happiness is a top priority, and they will do everything possible to fulfill your wishes.

Reason Two: We Care About Our Community

Just like you, locally-owned businesses want to build a strong community. These companies create a number of benefits for the town as a whole, including:

  • Close social and economic relationships. By linking neighbors through positive and productive work relationships, both the company and the community benefit.
  • Jobs and wages. Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally—sometimes offering better wages than chains do.
  • Local influence in community. Local companies want to make decisions that will benefit your community. This type of ownership wants to make a positive impact on the people and the economy!

A local HVAC company will likely want all of this and more for you and your town. By creating a network of loyal customers and caring about the community, these companies are dependable and hardworking for all the right reasons.

Reason Three: We Provide One-Of-a-Kind Business for a One-Of-a-Kind Customer

Bigger companies cannot compete with the personalized service and attention to detail offered by local HVAC companies. Smaller businesses understand that each customer is unique. Their workers are trained to work on any brand of equipment, and they value a job well done. These companies want to build trustworthy, honest relationships with you while taking the best care of your space.

Schedule Service in the Oklahoma City Metro, Edmond and Norman  with Hill & Company Today!

As a family owned and operated local HVAC company, the team at Hill & Company values our customers above all else. We work hard to serve our tight knit communities and forge strong relationships with both business and residential customers. Our longstanding history of honesty, timeliness, and performance combined with our qualified knowledge on HVAC and plumbing issues make us a neighbor you can always count on. When it comes to your home, choose someone who cares about your home comfort as much as you do.

HVAC services offered in Oklahoma City:

2016 HVAC Federal Tax Credit for Oklahoma Homeowners

Did you know that you could receive a tax credit for installingNew Air Conditioner a new energy efficient system in your Oklahoma home? If you installed a new HVAC system after January 1, 2011, you could get money back after documenting it on your taxes.

That’s right—systems that are energy efficient and meet a set of requirements set by the IRS are eligible to receive a tax credit. For specific information on this tax credit, contact the experts at Hill & Company. We can help you figure out if your newly installed HVAC unit is eligible.

HVAC Tax Credit Requirements for Oklahoma Residents

Note that not all ENERGY STAR® products will quality for the tax credit. Contact your installation contractor to get specific information about your product and to determine if it meets the requirements.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

If you have installed a new AC unit after January 1, 2011, you could receive tax credit. The best way to find out if your new unit is tax eligible is to ask your HVAC contractor. However, air conditioners that are ENERGY STAR® qualified and meet the following requirements may receive this credit:

Split Systems:

  • SEER must be greater than or equal to 16
  • EER must be greater than or equal to 13

Package Systems:

  • SEER must be greater than or equal to 14
  • EER must be greater than or equal to 12

Tax credit can be up to $300 and must filed before December 31, 2016.

Natural Gas, Propane, or Oil Furnace & Fan

If you installed a new heating unit after January 1, 2011, you could receive a tax credit. Heating systems that are ENERGY STAR® qualified and meet the following requirements may receive this credit:

  • AFUE must be greater than or equal to 95 on the furnace
  • The main air circulating fan must use less than 2% of annual electricity

Tax credits for an energy efficient furnace can be up to $150 and $50 for an advanced main air circulating fan.

Learn More About the 2016 HVAC Tax Credit

If you are in the  Oklahoma City area and are looking to learn more about this tax credit, contact Hill & Company. Our local HVAC company can walk you through the steps to getting your tax refund back for your energy efficient HVAC system.

Install a New Efficient Air Conditioner or Furnace in OK

If you are thinking about installing a new energy efficient air conditioner or heating unit this year, why not get money back for your purchase? Call Hill & Company to decide which HVAC unit would be best for your needs and budget and which one meets the federal tax credit requirement.

We install industry leading Trane® products—so you can ensure you are getting the top of the line products with top of the line installation service. Call us today to learn more and to get a quote!

Mold & Mildew Free Basements

Damp dark basements can be a breeding ground for mold. This can be especially true if your basement is unfinished. Mold spores float through the air causing problems like runny noses, wheezing, stuffy noses, headaches, nausea and even hives. These spores can also land elsewhere in your basement growing new collections of mold as they go.

The most important step to eliminating this mold is to work out where the problem might be coming from. Here are some common reasons you may have mold in your basement.

Causes of Mold in Your Home

  • Leaky plumbing: If you have plumbing that is leaking either in your basement or on the next level, this excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to form and spread quickly. If you suspect that your mold problem might be from leaky plumbing have an expert plumber check your fixtures and pipes.
  • Organic matter: If your basement is unfinished and you use it for storage, this storage mixed with moisture in the air could be causing mold. If this is the case you will need to pull everything out of your basement. If you find mold on materials, you can try and eradicate the mold or you may be better throwing them away. Make sure everything is cleaned and in plastic tubs or protected before placing it back in the basement.
  • Too much humidity: If you live in a humid climate area such as Oklahoma, you could see more mold in your basement. Too much humidity in any space will cause mold to grow and spread. If this is the case, installing a whole house humidifier can help keep humidity levels in check, protecting your belongings and most importantly your family’s health.
  • Clogged or misplaced gutters and downpipes: If you find that water tends to pool in your basement after heavy rains, you will need to have your gutters and downpipes checked. If they are clogged, have them cleared and if they run towards the house, purchase extensions so that you can direct the water away from your basement.

Controlling Mold in Your Home

If you want to control mold and mildew in any space of your home there are two things you can do to help manage the moisture levels in your home and ensure that the air you are breathing is clean.

  • Install a humidifier: Whole house humidifiers can help you manage the humidity levels in your home, keeping humidity at a safe level that will help deter mold and make the air you are breathing feel better on your lungs.
  • Use an air cleaning system: Air cleaning systems work to clear mold, bacteria, dust, dander and other irritants from the air in your home. They circulate the air, cleaning it as it goes through a filtration system then pumping that clean air into your home.

If you are looking for ways to make the air in your Oklahoma home healthier, contact the team at Hill & Company today. We can help you with all of your home comfort needs. We serve both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas.

A Dirty Air Conditioner Costs Homeowners



You are looking at a dirty air conditioner that needs some serious attention. Chances are if you haven’t had your unit washed recently, it could need some attention as well.

An air conditioner must breathe. This is how it gets rid of the heat that it removes from your house.  The more dust, dirt, leaves, dog hair and grass clipping that accumulates on your ac unit the less effecient it will be at removing this heat. Your air conditioner will have less cooling capacity, which means it might never reach the temperature to keep you comfortable. It will also wear down your equipment faster, requiring costly repairs or replacement.  Often times a unit that get too dirty will simply shutdown. While nothing has broken, it will require a cleaning in order to make it operational again.  There is no reason to ever let a unit get to this point. You will end up paying much more for the same service, pay more utlity costs along the way, and risk permanently damaging your equipment.

Call Hill & Company today and get a $99 tune-up and we will make sure your unit can breathe this summer.


How Does An Air Conditioner Cool?

Air conditioners and their opposite number, heat pumps, have been in use for decades.  In fact, they were first invented in 1902 in NYC in order to pull the moisture out of a plant in NYC to keep the paper dry.  The electrical engineer Willis Haviland Carrier needed to keep the paper dry because of how lithographing was done in the time.  His original system involved pulling the warm moist air in the building into a duct where it was blown past cold pipes which cooled the air and reduced the moisture.  Thus in the process of creating a dehumidifier system he also created an air conditioner.

Today the concept of an air conditioner has remained largely the same but the devices used in the system have taken on a more efficient and advanced manner.  Today the three major components that all air conditioning systems have are the compressor, condenser and evaporator.  Any HVAC OKC technician worth his/her salt will be able to list these off to you and explain their role in the process to you.  All air conditioners will also have a chemical which is called a refrigerant in the system.

So let’s break dowfeature-aboutn what each of these components does.  The refrigerant picks up heat (known as BTU) from the air in your home and then expels that heat to the outside.  The refrigerant accomplishes this by having a fan inside your home that pulls the hot air in over the evaporator coil which has liquid refrigerant in it.  When the warm air blows over the pipes the refrigerant boils and evaporates.  The refrigerant vapor flows from the evaporator coil into the compressor where it is compressed and then sent to the condenser coil.  The condensing of the refrigerant causes heat and this is why your air conditioner has the fan on top blowing warm air out of it.  That warm air is partly from your house and partly from the condensing process.

After the condenser coil removes all the heat from the refrigerant it returns to a liquid state.  When the gas has completely returned to a liquid state, it is then sent to the evaporate coil again.  Once it reaches the evaporator coil it starts the process all over again.  An interesting fact about the whole system is that it creates more energy than the compressor uses compressing the gas.  Due to the fact that when the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas and gas to liquid it creates roughly three times the cooling energy that the compressor uses.

Heat pumps work in the same way as an air conditioner except everything is reversed because you are pulling cool air out of the house and pumping warm air into it.  Problems occur in this system when the amount of refrigerant required is wrong or cracks occur in any part of the system.  So remember these important details when your air conditioner has problems next time and be sure to have your technician clearly explain what’s wrong after they’ve inspected it.

When Your Oklahoma Air Conditioner Lets You Down, Who Do You Dial?

Tired of sweltering in this horrible Oklahoma City heat?  We don’t blame you; the heat in this city seems to be slowly creeping up each year.  The worst part of it all is when the air conditioner breaks down, and it always seems to be at the worst time.  It seems like Murphy’s Law is certainly out there, at least when it comes to air conditioners.  On top of repairs, one of the worst parts about running them is the energy bill we get docked with at the end of the month.  So, we Oklahomans are posed with a few issues.

Issue Number One: Finding a good and trustworthy air conditioner repair service.

Finding a good repair service these days for anything always seems to be a struggle.  In the past, it was easy to simply speak with neighbors in the area to get a good recommendation, but it feels like this type of communication has drifted off into the past in the age of the Internet.  We’ve gathered some signs we look for when finding a trustworthy air conditioning repair service in Oklahoma CityPicture_1

  • Do they look over the equipment without charging and tell you what’s wrong?
  • A quality company will tell you exactly what needs to be fixed and will itemize out the costs for you before making the repairs.
  • They tell you when repairs are not worth it and when getting a new unit is a better option.
  • They are timely and put your satisfaction above everything else.

Issue Number Two: Time to upgrade.

Technology seems to keep taking quantum leaps and it is affecting everything around us.  Computers from four years ago seem antiquated.  We often have appliances like air conditioners for a long time, but with the energy saving technology that has been developed in the last few years; the air conditioners and climate control systems available now can create some serious savings.  If your current air conditioner breaks down a good repair service will be able to help you figure out what the overall cost difference will be for you between fixing your current unit and installing a new system.  If your current unit isn’t broken, then it really comes down to the energy savings and cost of installing a new unit.

Issue Number Three: Experience.

This one is pretty straightforward, but we often look for a company that has been around for a while and sometimes smaller or family owned.  Smaller companies thrive on building and maintaining a good reputation.  Their workers are trained to work on any brand of equipment and they make sure you have no complaints when the job is done.  Bigger companies usually seem less personable and don’t give the kind of attention a customer deserves.  So when you’re searching for an air conditioning company in the Oklahoma City area, try to get some background information on them and their technicians.


Nest programmable thermostat – Call today to schedule a professional installation for $350.


the-nest-thermostat smallres

The Nest programmable thermostat can lower you heating and cooling bills by up to 20%. It learns your schedule and what temperature you like on its own, so that you don’t have to program it. You just turn the thermostat up and down and it will learn what temperature you like and personalize your schedule. The auto-away function automatically turns to an energy-effecient mode when you’re gone. You can always refine the schedule on your own on the thermostat. You can also access the Nest with an app on your phone to  make changes remotely. The nest  has accessories such as cameras and smoke detectors that work with the thermostat. Read more about the Nest at and then call us to have one installed!