A Dirty Air Conditioner Costs Homeowners



You are looking at a dirty air conditioner that needs some serious attention. Chances are if you haven’t had your unit washed recently, it could need some attention as well.

An air conditioner must breathe. This is how it gets rid of the heat that it removes from your house.  The more dust, dirt, leaves, dog hair and grass clipping that accumulates on your ac unit the less effecient it will be at removing this heat. Your air conditioner will have less cooling capacity, which means it might never reach the temperature to keep you comfortable. It will also wear down your equipment faster, requiring costly repairs or replacement.  Often times a unit that get too dirty will simply shutdown. While nothing has broken, it will require a cleaning in order to make it operational again.  There is no reason to ever let a unit get to this point. You will end up paying much more for the same service, pay more utlity costs along the way, and risk permanently damaging your equipment.

Call Hill & Company today and get a $99 tune-up and we will make sure your unit can breathe this summer.