It’s Never Too Early to Get Your AC Ready

Get Your AC’s Ready Oklahoma City!

woman using air conditioner controls

Don’t realize your AC isn’t working until it’s too late — give us a call.


Right now it’s still chilly, but it’s starting to warm up a bit in Oklahoma City and suddenly the summer doesn’t seem so far away. The warm weather will be upon us before you know it, and not everyone’s air conditioner will be ready to handle it. Many systems will waste energy and money without the owners knowing it, while others will be overtaxed and fail on the hottest days. That’s why the time to call for air conditioner repair in Oklahoma City is before the temperatures really start to rise.

That’s especially true this year, as this summer is probably going to be a scorcher. The long range forecast claims that summer 2015 is going to be both hotter and drier than usual, all the way from June through August. That’s a lot of dog days in OKC, and no one should suffer through it without adequate air conditioning. That’s why homeowners should consider a full inspection and tune-up of their AC, as should businesses with central air.

What can a tune-up do for you? In short: save you money and keep you cool. Here are a few of the benefits of a little professional maintenance for your AC from us here at Hill & Company:

1.  Identify leaks – Many homeowners don’t realize their air ducts are leaking cold air into the attic, crawlspace, basement, or between the walls. That means you are paying to cool air that will never make it into your home and letting all that money just drift away. A good AC repairman can check for leaks in your ducts and mend them easily.

2.  A full cleaning boosts efficiency – You may think that changing your filter keeps your AC running at peak condition, but the truth is that it probably doesn’t. A tune-up will adjust your air conditioner for maximum efficiency and clean out any dirty parts so that it runs like new.

3.  Worn down parts can be replaced before they fail – A good tune-up will spot any components that are on their last legs, allowing you to replace them in advance. You don’t want to have to call for emergency repair when it’s 100 degrees outside!

It’s easy to forget about your AC till you need it, but the best time to have it checked over is before it’s turned on. When was the last time you had your air conditioning checked? How sure are you that it’s running as efficiently as it should?

If you think your system might need repair, call or contact us at Hill & Company!