Save with September Maintenance

For those customers looking to save some money and time, September is the best month of the year to have your furnace and AC maintenance performed.

I know what you’re thinking, “Summer is over, why would I want to have my AC maintenance done?” For most homeowners it’s the consistency that matters the most, not the time of year. If you routinely service your units every year you are doing more than the majority of homeowners and your system is going to thank you for it. Waiting to have your AC maintenance performed in the Spring is going to have a negligible impact on your system, in most cases, compared to performing the AC maintenance in September.

There is definitely one exception that should be mentioned. If you have a cottonwood tree nearby we always recommend waiting until they have shed their cotton in the summer before having your AC maintenance performed. Cottonwood is the worst culprit for clogging up air conditioners.

Otherwise, take advantage of our September promotion to save time and money: Receive a free AC tune-up when your purchase a $99 furnce tune up and have them performed at the same time in September.


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